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He had washed them early in the morning, and then lay them on the crypt floor to dry as he slept. But she never gave him what he was really looking for, which was some form of "love" in return which never really was love. The loss of blood and the explosive orgasm caused her to faint. And we're walking towards the graveyard. As he lay on the slab of stone that he called his bed, Spike wondered why he should even get up.

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I realize that the writers erred when they made soulless Spike so human and 'good'.

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Spike took a gulp of the juice and smiled at Willow. He threw the dingy white sheet off of him and lay with his eyes still closed, feeling the cool night air blow through the broken window and over his naked body. A human woman would have been dead by now. Faith rushed into the graveyard, with Spike close behind. After all, it's not Buffy having sex up against a tree. After verifying, with Warren's help, that the chip appears undamaged and still causes him agony when he harms humans, Spike tells Buffy that she "came back wrong" and that she "has a little demon" in her. While human souled Willow was destroying the world because her girlfriend died, unsouled Spike was seeking his soul because he had hurt Buffy.

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buffy and spike naked sex
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