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A decade after his award-winning film The Black Balloon, Jimmy Jack faces jail for abusing girlfriend The Australian filmmaker behind The Black Balloon appears in court charged over an incident where he refused to let his girlfriend leave his house, with a judge calling his actions "disgraceful".

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Connect and browse with thousands of locals who share your interests, whether youre the more outgoing type who enjoys visiting museums and other places of interest, or the more chill type who just wants to hang in the park every now and again.

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Trippie Redd] I'm built for it, I'm built for it, good for it Pull up on you in a foreign With bracelets looking gorgeous They say they want heat, I'ma scorch it Pistol rounds fire like some charges Fly nigga, I been soarin' Young nigga, yeah I feel important Yeah, I got my fuckin' chopper, I been rollin' with them big dogs All these niggas pussy, they some hoes, they some pussies, pause I been getting money with my gang, we don't fucking fold For nothing, for nothing, for nothing I ain't worried 'bout nothing nigga I just went and got me a coupe Maserati with the coupe, getting money with the juice Ayy, saucing on 'em with the juice Swear these niggas they some fruits They take my sauce, they so poo Yeah that ain't nothing new [Chorus:

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